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My Weekend Cut

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I have a confession to make - I'm a hair junkie! Hair has got to be one of my most favorite things on the planet - I'm a sucker for a fab cut and color. Folks that know me will tell you that I'll try anything at least once. When it comes to style, I don't really have a preference - natural, relaxed, long or short... it just depends on what's tickling my fancy at the moment.

Speaking of fancy - Pinterest is a dangerous place. I could lose myself there for hours on end; the discoveries are absolutely endless! For the past month or so, I've been browsing haircuts - specifically, pixies and undercuts. Somehow. I got on a buzz cut tangent and over the weekend, well... this happened:

I was waiting for you to do something funky with your hair - I love it!
— M., co-worker

So umm yeah - I'm digging it! It's different, edgy -- def not for the faint at heart. I've been completely bald in the past so this wasn't too much of a shock - Folks that are used to me and my follicle shenanigans aren't giving me a second look, which I think is a good thing, ha ha. I've gotten quite a few compliments over the past couple days plus my husband is a fan, so no matter how you slice it, I'm definitely winning! #winning

I’m planning to grow out the bangs some and possibly add some color - blue or purple highlights would be amazing - but for right now it is what it is. I'll be honest though, this lack of hair thing has me feeling the need to accessorize to the max! Usually (for me anyways), short hair automatically means BIG EARRINGS but since I'm stretching my lobes and confined to simple glass plugs until at least December, I'll have to come up with some other accessories - scarves will have to do for now!

Collage pics courtesy of Mariyah Leigh

Collage pics courtesy of Mariyah Leigh

Here's to short hair and not giving a care!

All Frapped Up: The First Day of Class

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I haven't seriously been in a classroom in about 7 years. It definitely took some deep breathing and a frappuccino to coax myself into actually going. It was scary - voices telling me that I'd be the oldest person in the class (like that matters) and the material would be over my head (which it wasn't). My instructor is blunt, to the point - absolutely no chaser. I like that about her. I survived the first 4 hours of my higher education. And, when it was time to leave I felt much more intelligent than when I first got there.

I spent the rest of the weekend gabbing to my husband about Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto and Albert Bandara's clown experiment.

I never imagined after all these years I'd end up back on a college campus as a student. Ironically, I work in education at a university - seems like being surrounded by grad students and tons of folks with multiple degrees would've prompted me to start my own voyage. Truth is, I'm good at my job and a degree just isn't necessary. Matter of fact, if I had this same position with a degree, I'd feel like I wasted four years. Great job. Great opportunity. Great benefits. Not something I want to be doing 20 years from now.

For me, going back to school has very little to do with a career change - I just want to prove to myself that I can do it. Plus, I have 2 little girls that need to know that they're capable of doing anything they put their brilliant little minds to - regardless of the circumstances. 

I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.
— Diane Von Furstenberg

The first time around I simply talked myself out of doing well. As an extreme introvert, the classroom was very intimidating - by the 3rd or 4th week of any semester I'd convince myself that I wasn't smart enough to finish and that everyone else knew some sort of secret that I didn't - so, I'd drop the class. Or just stop going... Yeah, I'm paying for that. Even still I have zero regrets. I needed the negative experiences to get me to the place that I am today... it's only up from here.