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Hello January: Expectations + Goals

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Hey There - Happy Friday!

The office is closed today, so I'm using this as a catch-up day for NyShell Imari. I decided that in addition to blogging about my business, I want to share some bits and pieces from my personal life as well. My header says: Wife. Mom. Author. Creative. Poet. - I do much more than sit at a computer and it might be nice for you to get a glimpse of life behind the brand. So, here on the blog, you can expect to see more lifestyle posts.

NyShell Imari - Hello January

Speaking of lifestyle - January is always a busy month for our house. In addition to all the regular new year new me/resolution activities we have:

  • Annual Fast + Shut-In
  • Joelle's 8th Birthday
  • Mariyah Leigh's Birthday
  • My Birthday

Never mind any business deadlines or special projects. I can pretty much guarantee every weekend is going to be hopping - so, I'm being careful to use my time wisely.

I'm not one for resolutions, I pretty much believe that if you want to make a change you should do it -- regardless of the time of year. But now that we're into 2015, I'm planning to be more intentional about reading. I love to read but really don't devote enough time to it. I can't recall 1 book I that read completely in 2014, that's got to change. I also want to get organized -- I am excellent at organizing other people's stuff. But truth be told, when it comes to my stuff, I'm a little all over the place. I told my husband that I want 'everything to have a place' by the time I'm 30 - but I'm really interested in starting this process yesterday! I see a lot of purging in my future. And, I want to focus more on wellness - physical, mental, emotional + spiritual. I've wanted to become a pescetarian for quite some time now, this might be the year. Now that I've typed that out, we can easily see that the theme is focusing a little bit more on me in 2015.

My husband + I have committed to going 'all in' this year. Family, ministry, entrepreneurship, etc. Doesn't matter if that means long days + sleepless nights --We have some pretty big dreams and we're willing to do whatever it takes to see them come to pass.

How about you? Any big plans for January?

Bold New Year

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Happy New Year Dolls!

Whew – we made it. Aren’t you glad? I know I am!

{cue confetti}

NyShell Imari - Happy New Year

From Olyvia's birth, to Joelle's academic success, to Jonathan's new job, to the NyShell Imari re-brand - 2014 was amazing. Sure, it had its ups and downs but it doesn’t matter what you went through last year – it’s a brand new day honey. I’m looking forward to starting fresh while continuing the great work that was started last year.

Now, more than ever, I am absolutely thrilled with the results from last year’s re-brand. So much has and will continue to change – this is a true journey. Daily I’m finding things that I can tweak or tighten up to improve the NyShell Imari Brand experience. You have no idea the joy it brings me to hear one of my clients say, “You look just like the girl in your logo” or “I can hear you when I read your website.” It means a lot. It's proof that these past few months haven’t been in vain – I’m kind of a big deal and my brand is too!

During my re-branding process, I've focused on 3 words that I feel describe me and my business to a tee – bold, eclectic + timeless. They've also been at the forefront of my vision for 2015, with an extra emphasis on BOLD.

NyShell Imari - Bold New Year

In 2015: I'm taking risks, while being confident and courageous. I'm looking forward to this boldness spilling into every aspect of my life - personal + business. Just imagining the freedom that courageous confidence brings - whew, I'm excited!

Here's to living boldly! Blessing to all of you as we start this new year!

Merry Everything

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Merry Christmas friends --

NyShell Imari - Happy Holidays

I seriously hope you're enjoying your holiday - This has been an awesome couple days spent with my family. Traditionally, the hubs, girls + I open gifts Christmas Eve morning and then spend the rest of the day/night visiting our parents and exchanging gifts at their homes. We spent the night with my parents and then had a family breakfast Christmas morning. Next up is Christmas dinner at Gram + Paw Paw's (yummers!) and of course, visiting more family. It is ridiculous, the amount of family we have and the number of houses we're expected to show up at in 48 hours - ha ha. We're fortunate though to have a huge support system right here in town -- so I'm grateful, even though it can stress me out a bit.

Surprisingly, I've also been able to get quite a bit of work done - I've got a couple brand launches on the docket and some personal projects for 2015 that I can't wait to share with you! Stay tuned!

Ho, ho, ho + all that  jazz.