NyShell Imari Lawrence

Pursue Your Passions. Follow Your Dreams. Live Beyond Limits!

It wasn’t an accident, she simply made a mistake. Well several mistakes, but this one in particular changed her life forever. Faced with a choice to wallow in her own self-pity or surrender to the call upon her life, she chose the latter.

NyShell Imari made her public speaking debut at an early age. Born and raised in Lansing, MI; she quickly developed a passion for art. She is a young, talented, risk-taker whose mission is to impact the world through her artistry.

Appropriately called the “Prophetic Poet,” NyShell Imari pours her heart on stage with her provoking testimony of tragedy to triumph. She passionately delivers the uncompromising gospel, through the art of performance poetry.

NyShell is the author of Scarred: The Beauty In My Pain, an inspirational collection of poems detailing the journey and struggle of overcoming life's many stigmas.

She is happily married to Jonathan W. Lawrence - Together they have one daughter, Joelle Amaris and are expecting, Olyvia Wesleigh, in May.

In February of 2014 NyShell launched, yes, Gaud!, a personal lifestyle blog. There she shares all of her hopes, aspirations, and ideas with the world. She's pursuing her passions, following her dreams and living beyond limits - hope you're inspired to do the same.

Her work is transparent, transformative, honest and real. Be a part of the movement that is, NyShell Imari.

For The Love of Design

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